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Sustainable Celebrations, Lasting Impressions

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Delve into the environmental impact of your choice. By partnering with Repeat Roses, your event not only spreads joy but also contributes to a greener planet. Explore the metrics of waste reduction and emission savings, transforming your celebration into a sustainable legacy that goes beyond the blooms.

who benefits

Discover the Triple Win

Your event’s florals are turned into three wins: a positive social good, an eco-responsible waste disposal, and a charitable tax credit opportunity


Social & Environmental Impact

Tax Deductible Donation

We’ve delivered over 47,000 arrangements of love, light, and flower magic to bring joy to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, and cancer treatment centers; plus youth emergency, mental health, domestic abuse, and homeless shelter facilities.

Repurposed flowers are recovered for composting to ensure the most eco-responsible waste disposal. To date, we’ve diverted over 82 tons of floral waste from winding up in landfills where they would otherwise convert into harmful greenhouse gases. That’s over 164,000 pounds of waste…the equivalent of 16 school buses.


We’re ending single-use floral design with a repurposing process that’s sustainable from start to finish. Your blooms get a second chance to make someone smile before being properly composted to help fight climate change.

Floral arrangements delivered to people in need.

Pounds of waste diverted from landfills.

Blossom Bar™ sessions (and the number grows more each day!)


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