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Welcome to Repeat Roses – Where Every Celebration Blooms with Purpose!

Repeat Roses transforms your event arrangements into bouquets that brighten hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters – then composts to keep waste out of landfills. We’ll help you care for your community and your planet: nothing could be more beautiful than that.

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Committed to Sustainability

This is the same flower titled Peony. The colorway was so stunning and organic. I am happy to share it with you. xo, Rebecca

We are proud to play our part in reducing waste by composting floral remnants. By choosing Repeat Roses, you contribute to a greener planet, ensuring that your celebration’s environmental footprint is as beautiful as the memories it creates.

Transformative beauty

How Repeat Roses Works

Nothing could be more beautiful than knowing that your celebration has made a positive impact on both your community and the planet. At Repeat Roses, we provide a unique opportunity to celebrate with a purpose – an opportunity to extend the joy of your special day to those who could use an extra dose of happiness.

1. Remove & Redesign

Immediately after your wedding or event concludes, Repeat Roses’ strike team removes your floral arrangements that would otherwise end up in the trash. We break them down and lovingly redesign them into petite bouquets to be donated.

2. Deliver & Donate

On your behalf, Repeat Roses will match and deliver your flowers to recipients in places like hospice care, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, domestic abuse and homeless shelters, and other places that care for those in need. Within hours, your flowers will make a positive social impact in your community. We’ll facilitate a receipt for your charitable contribution that you can use when you file your tax return.

3. Protect the Planet

The journey doesn’t end there. Repeat Roses returns to the donor site to collect the twice-enjoyed blooms for composting. Flowers that would have been hauled to a landfill to contribute to greenhouse gases are now disposed of in the most eco-responsible manner.

Bouquets that tell a story… 

Your event flowers are always repurposed and arranged into stunning bouquets. These floral creations then embark on a second journey, gracing hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters, spreading comfort and love to those who need it most.

Transformative Beauty

Witness the beauty of your event arrangements bloom once again in the form of heartwarming bouquets.

Community Impact

Extend the joy of your celebration to hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters, making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


Join us in the mission to keep waste out of landfills. Our composting process ensures that your celebration is not only memorable but also eco-friendly.


Make Your Celebration Count

Choose Repeat Roses and turn your special day into a celebration that goes beyond the venue, reaching hearts and contributing to a more sustainable future. Together, let’s create moments that matter – for your loved ones, your community, and our planet.

Join us for a Blossom Bar! These engaging 30-minute flower workshops provide the opportunity for participants to learn how to make sustainably designed bouquets that Repeat Roses will deliver to individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters to spread joy. All arrangements are recovered the following week for composting to ensure a zero-waste experience.



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