When you choose Repeat Roses for your corporate or social event, everybody wins. Repurposed flowers bring joy to your neighbors in hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters—and they won’t wind up in landfills, because Repeat Roses always returns to compost the waste.


The amount of floral arrangements 
delivered to people in need.


The amount of waste 
we have diverted from Landfills.


The amount of Blossom Bar™ sessions and the number grows more each day. 

The Early Years

When Repeat Roses first launched, we brought our recovered NYC flowers to our friends at Common Ground Compost who were running a community garden in the Lower East Side. Branches were chopped up for mulching and blooms were used to create natural soil amendments to enrich the earth. As the company grew, the volume of flowers required we begin working with private hauling companies to compost our daily compost pile.

Waste Warriors

Between 2015-2018, we diverted 164,704 pounds of flower waste from winding up in landfills across North America. What does 82 Tons look like? Imagine 82 automobiles filled with flowers. That’s a lot of weddings’ worth of centerpieces!

Latest Waste Data

As of December 1st, Repeat Roses has diverted 192,459 pounds of flowers from winding up in landfill. Why is this so important? Flowers are not biodegradable when they are jammed in plastic bags and hauled to a landfill for disposal. When they cannot breakdown properly, they convert into the harmful pollution and greenhouse gases that contribute to a change in climate conditions, rising temperatures, super storms, wildfires and so on.