Summer of Sustainable Love

JULY 2019

When you couple 600 feet of floral magic with a stunning water view, the result is a picture-perfect wedding. Tens of thousands of white, dream-like flowers lined the reception where several hundred guests celebrated our clients’ matrimony until 4am. 
The newlyweds could not stand the thought of their gorgeous wedding florals winding up in a landfill immediately after the event. So, with the opportunity to extend the vibrancy and beauty of their special celebration a little longer, they chose to repurpose their flowers and make the days ahead brighter for patients in two local healthcare facilities.
We’re grateful when clients discover our service through wedding gift registry web sites like Zola so that friends and family are able to contribute in a true petal-it-forward experience. Guests purchased gift cards and made this first charitable act a true group effort, thus launching a major ripple effect across the NY community. 
What better way to start a new chapter than on a such a big note of kindness? Best wishes for a life filled with love to this generous couple!