Glossier's Green Giveback

JULY 2019

Glossier's Seattle pop-up, designed by Glossier's in-house creative team with landscape design by Studio Lily Kwong, captured the essence of Seattle’s lush landscape. Drawing inspiration from the area’s natural topography, a gorgeous installation of plant-covered mounds was created to showcase a unique terrarium display throughout the store, wowing every visitor.

Once the pop-up wrapped up, Repeat Roses was at the ready to recover mosses, shrubbery, and plants. As Seattle locals share a passion for the outdoors, 378 plants from the green display were delivered to the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department, who promotes a play-learn mission and responsible stewardship of Seattle’s land.

The combination of Glossier’s people-powered beauty ecosystem and the Repeat Roses commitment to People and Planet raised awareness about sustainability in a beautiful way. It was a win for all, especially Mother Earth.