Climate Action Rocks!

Climate Action: Stop Food Waste


Food waste is an easily overlooked, but widely significant issue in our world today. Did you know: 33% of all food produced is wasted each year? Or that 25% of all food wasted could feed 870 million people? With that alarming volume of food wasted, we could be feeding the hungry and ending world hunger.
The Stop Food Waste event showcased various companies that utilize sustainable, waste-free methods to prepare food, grow crops, and recycle goods, including Repeat Roses.
Repeat Roses is changing the wasteful nature of product supply chains, particularly in the agricultural sector; a challenge our fellow waste warriors in the food industry are tackling as well.
At the event, we educated attendees about the importance of reducing floral waste through composting. When flowers are thrown into the trash, they wind up in landfills, contributing to greenhouse gases and climate change.
Immediately after the event, the flowers displayed at our booth were repurposed at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Jerome L. Greene Family Center, a temporary residence for cancer patients receiving treatment in NYC hospitals. 
One guest remarked, "These are beautiful. I'm going to take them up to my room so I can enjoy them there too." When we asked another patient if she would like us to place her arrangement on one of the nearby tables, she immediately held the flowers close, breathed in their scent and said they were too beautiful to take away and she wanted to continue holding them.