A Vision for Giving Back


Thank you to everyone at Project Lyme and the Bay Area Lyme Foundation for repurposing the event flowers from your Inaugural Gala at the The Ziegfeld Ballroom. We admire your mission to eradicate the epidemic of tick-borne diseases through awareness and education, support cutting-edge science, and advocate for solutions to end suffering.


The luxe orchid arrangements made it a significantly happier week for our New York neighbors in need at Chelsea's VISIONS at Selis Manor. We think it's chic to share with VISIONS because of the important work they are committed to on behalf of older adults who are blind or are experiencing severed visual impairment in New York City.

In the U.S., they are the first city-funded senior center exclusively designed for older adults who are blind or are experiencing severe visual impairment. The program features a daily, hot meal and a Senior Buddy Program for 800 of our community's visually impaired seniors.

There are so many ways our client's flowers can bring a spot of joy and create an immediate emotional health benefit for so many people. Whether it is by sight, smell, or touch — the acts of kindness and generosity bring nature indoors, create meaningful social impact, and launch a ripple effect across the community.

Thank you to the board members of Project Lyme and Bay Area Lyme Foundation for paying it forward with flowers.